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Quick News - 16.oct.03
Public Beta: Version 1.4b8 of iSynch Lite for OSX, iSynch Lite Classic and iSynch Classic soon to be available for download.
Quick News - 20.jan.03
OSX Only version of iSynch in progress
Quick News - 01.apr.02
Bluedays Software is back online after a move to Europe
Quick News - 25.Febuary.00
iSynch 1.3.1 New
Support for the Navigation Services.
New download options.
Better date preview.
iSynch 1.3.1 Fixes
Takes care of files which change date after a year.
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Download version 1.3.1 now ! (726K)
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iSynch Lite France
iSynch Lite Mirror US
If you have any problem to download the archive from the US mirror, send a mail to the support group

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